Why Public Adjusters will Fight for You

When property damage occurs, it’s important to keep things in perspective and file a claim with your insurance company to receive the right benefits from your policy. Don’t make the mistake of filing a claim before consulting a public adjuster. Here are three reasons why you need to seek expert advice when property damage strikes:

Close Evaluation

With experience and knowledge of property damages, these experts will provide you with an evaluation of your distressing and unfortunate situation. Maybe your snow removal “experts” ripped apart the grass on both sides of your driveway while plowing during the Blizzard of ‘16, and is also guilty of committing a hit-and-run on your lamppost while backing out. Or maybe a ghost decided to get a glass of water in the middle of the night and accidentally left the faucet running which, in turn, flooded your entire third floor and caused water to osmosis-ize all the way down to the first level.

Regardless of who’s fault it is and the amount of damage that occurred, professional public adjusters will observe everything with a keen and unbiased eye. They will perceive the situation with an in-depth, detail-oriented, educated lens that will allow you to fully understand the next step of the process. Rely on their highly-trained perspective to analyze your property’s damages and formulate the most accurate and accommodating claim.

Scrutiny of Legal Documents

A public adjuster’s close reading of your insurance policy or previously filed insurance claim will, in many cases, bring to light a number of inconsistencies that might–or has been–impacting your entitlements. These experts are most familiar with reading and reviewing legal contracts–including insurance policies and claims–so don’t let your uncollected emotions get in the way of logical thinking throughout such a difficult and financially-challenging time. Allow an outside party that has exceptional skill to bring a fresh perspective to the table. In truth, these guys don’t miss a trick.

For pending, re-open, and rejected claims, professionals will cross-reference every square inch of your insurance policy and claim. Allow these consulters to recognize and uncover the flaws of your originally written claim and the imbalance–in regards to your policy–between what you’re receiving and what you deserve. Be certain that there’s almost always a significant difference. Don’t ever be convinced that you’re drawing forth everything you can from your insurance policy prior to discussing your property damage with an skillful adjuster.

The Fight

Above all, public adjusters have the fight inside of them that is required to put these insurance companies in their place. Like a big brother, they will protect you from possible manipulation and wrongdoing. Their job description involves sticking up for those that lack the appropriate knowledge or have been misinformed to such an extent that they don’t realize their mistakes. Insurance companies hire experts to handle their policy and claim issues, so why would you blindly enter into a property damage situation without a right-hand-man?

The drive, dedication, and determination of these individuals will lead to a smoother and more timely claim process. Professionalism and an admirable sense of urgency will influence insurance companies to examine and inspect their documents almost as closely as the adjusters. Their confident and intelligent presence, alone, will encourage others to do their jobs correctly. Prepared and able adjusters are always in top shape, and ready to step into the ring for any home or business owner.

Now you know why you need an expert to handle property damage occurrences. Their close evaluations, scrutiny of legal documents, and inherent fight will help you clear the air with all home or business damage issues Whether you need an adjuster in Philly or a Gloucester County public adjuster, there are always intelligent professionals available to aid you in the recovery process.

About AAA Public Adjusters

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