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AAA Public Adjusters Services

AAA Public Adjusters provide four main services to individual homeowners and businesses:

New Claim

Pending Claim

Re-Open Claim

Rejected Claim

1. Public Adjuster Services: New Claim

Policyholders who are deciding whether to file a claim:

Have you had an insurance loss in the last year and have not yet filed an insurance claim?

Give us a call today for your free consultation. We’ll discuss the claim with you, and whether it makes sense to use our services. We may also decide it’s best to come to the property and do an inspection of the loss, which is also free.

The earlier you contact AAA Public Adjusters regarding a free consultation of your insurance claim, the more likely you will ensure that you will meet all of your obligations under your insurance policy. Among other things, a homeowner or business policyholder has the duty to mitigate property damage and prepare a scope of loss & estimate of damages.

What are some of the mistakes homeowners and businesses make when reporting claims themselves:

  • They don’t understand the cause of the loss, so it gets misreported and denied.
  • They fail to recognize the total scope of the loss, and get underpaid.
  • They don’t document the loss properly and get underpaid.
  • They rely on contractors who are unskilled in insurance documentation, leading to underpayment or denial.
  • They fail to understand their obligations under the insurance policy, leading to a denial.

2. Public Adjuster Services: Pending Claim

Policyholders who are weighing a property settlement offer:

AAA Public Adjusters can intervene on your behalf at any point during the claim process and see to it that your claim gets resolved promptly. We work directly with your insurance company and its representatives to make sure they give your claim the attention it deserves. Our team of public adjusters – insurance and construction experts – advocate on behalf of your interest under the insurance policy and will not quit until you get the benefits to which you are entitled.

If you have received an offer on your insurance claim, we can take over from here. We document and cross-reference every aspect of your property damage or loss and usually find many items that were not originally included in the insurance company estimate. Insurance Claim Adjusters are often very busy, have a vested interest in lowering property claim payments (i.e., to increase their own company’s bottom line), and sometimes overlook certain areas that can inadvertently reduce an insurance claim. We consistently deliver superior results for our clients.

Here is a list of the following items that are usually withheld on each insurance claim settlement:

  • Overhead and Profit: Insurance companies withhold an extra 20% of your claim. Many policyholders do not realize that carriers must include this expense in the total property claim if a general contractor is involved in the repair process.
  • Content manipulation: Insurance companies intentionally withhold moving time to remove all items out of a room in order to complete necessary repairs.
  • Paint: Insurance companies sometimes overlook the application of 2 coats of paint, or the application of primer.
  • Base Service Charges: Insurance companies sometimes overlook additional funds for job site prep, travel time, delivery of goods, set up and take down of equipment.
  • Emergency Service Invoices: Insurance companies sometimes overlook any emergency costs accrued during the time of the loss (e.g., tarping a roof, buying a shop vacuum, renting dehumidifiers, time to clean up a loss, and renting a storage unit).

With the application of these items, among others, AAA Public Adjusters can get thousands, or tens of thousands, more than your initial offer. Our services are free until you are paid by your insurance company.

If you have suffered a catastrophic property loss, we know how difficult these times can be for you and your loved ones. We have a team of support specialists who will assist you during this difficult time. You can rest assured knowing that with AAA Public Adjusters on your side, you’ll get the results you are entitled to under your insurance policy.

3. Public Adjuster Services: Re-Open Claim

Policyholders whose insurance claims have been settled:

Even though your claim has been settled, you may still be entitled to additional benefits. Insurance companies often times fail to properly determine the extent of the loss in an insurance claim, rendering a claim evaluation that is lower in value than what policyholders ought to be paid. AAA Public Adjusters will take a look at your loss settlement for free and determine if you are owed more than your settlement offer.

We have successfully handled hundreds of insurance claims that carriers had already closed, and in many cases, we found benefits not assessed in the original evaluation. It would be in your best interest to see if we can do the same for you.

Most states have very good laws that usually allow you to re−open an insurance claim if you were not fully compensated. We offer a Free Consultation. We are paid only if we find areas of underpayment and/or items that were left out of your insurance claim settlement.

  • Most states allow you to re-open a claim at anytime up to 1 year after the loss occurred.
  • Even if you have received a check you can re-open the claim for additional funds.
  • We will review your claim for free if you feel that you did not receive a fair settlement.
  • Your initial offer may only be based on what is seen during a preliminary inspection of the premises. Many times there are hidden damages that are discovered during repairs. It is crucial to document the additional damages so you may receive the proper settlement.

You even have coverage for additional living expenses incurred during construction such as the following:

  • Permit costs
  • Architectural fees
  • Code Upgrades: this is crucial as your local code inspector could mandate major upgrades by law.
  • Electrical Usage: you could have coverage for a higher electric bill due to construction costs.
  • Finally, coverage for a final house cleaning once repairs have been complete

4. Public Adjuster Services: Rejected Claim

Policyholders whose insurance claims have been rejected:

Insurance companies routinely reject insurance claims that courts later compel them to pay out. Having your insurance claim denied is not the end of the road. There is hope. In most states, if your denial was less than one year ago, AAA Public Adjusters can evaluate your loss for free and determine if the denial you received was fair. In many cases, we have found that a denial issued by the insurance company was in error. Our adjusters have went on to assist the insured to secure the benefits they were entitled to under their policy. We may be able to do the same for you.

We have reviewed numerous insurance claim denials and have found coverage for many of them. If, however, we believe that the insurance company interpreted and applied the terms of policy fairly, we will advise you accordingly. Many times a denial of coverage hinges on ambiguity of the cause of loss, a perceived substantial delay in reporting the loss, or perhaps a failure to mitigate further damages to the property. Insurance companies hire their own adjusters to evaluate an insurance claim with their own financial interests in mind. Make sure you have a licensed  independent property insurance claims & construction expert – a AAA Public Adjuster – on your side.

Our highly trained, licensed public adjusters will guide you through the process of preparing and filing an insurance claim in a professional manner. Similar to hiring an attorney if you needed to go to court, or hire a certified public accountant to file your tax return, you should only file an insurance claim with your own professional insurance and construction expert – a AAA Public Adjuster.