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Public Adjuster Testimonials

Find Out Why Our Clients Keep Coming Back

We value our clients, which is why they have been coming back to us for their insurance claim needs for over 25 years. Insurance claims do not occur often, but when they do, hiring the right public adjuster can make all the difference between a fair insurance recovery and a denial. At AAA Public Adjusters, the foundation of our success rests in abiding by one principle: putting the client first. We treat our clients in a professional manner. This is why our clients place their trust and confidence in our public adjusters. Let us put you first. Call here (mobile only) or click here for your free property coverage consultation and become one of our valued, repeat clients.

After suffering a devastating loss of this nature, the guidance and assistance you provided allowed me the time to put my life and family back in order. Working full-time, and with the emotions involved in losing my home and sentimental items, your assistance allowed me the peace of mind to concentrate on my family and work. As you promised, after negotiating and presenting our claim to the insurance company, we had enough money to make several upgrades and changes to our home.

Lisa and James Garvin

Initially, we attempted to work with our insurance company’s representative to resolve our claim. As opposed to the professional and courteous service which was promised by our insurance company, we found ourselves in an extremely adversarial position. Your representative paid especially close attention to detail and brought to our attention items that were overlooked by us and our contractor. AAA Public Adjusters relieved a huge burden from us and presented our claim in a detailed fashion, which I was unsuccessful in doing. This attention to detail also became evident in the inventory process, which I had not realized was a very time consuming process. The inventory services your company provided were worth the fee your company charged alone. The increased settlement amounts were just an added bonus.

Joe and Mary Roberts

From the outset my AAA Public Adjuster gave me a sense of relief that my serious insurance problems would be dealt with diligently. The results left me impressed and appreciative of my public adjuster’s efforts.

Jeff and Heather Palicino

Your efforts handling all the aspects involving inventory recovery and valuation, emergency construction and repair, replacement valuation, and negotiations with our carrier were tremendous. Robert, you proved beyond any shadow of doubt, that had we not contracted for AAA Public Adjusters’ invaluable service, we would have lost an enormous sum of money, time and energy.

Tony Roberts, Carpet World

When we had a fire at our business, we were overwhelmed and did not know how to go about presenting our claim to the insurance company. The results you got for us were beyond our imagination. We cannot thank you enough.

Denise Vessco, Furniture One

Through your efforts, my home will be rebuilt from the ground up, with additional square footage, and brought up to current codes. Your services were well worth it! Just having someone on the same playing field as the insurance company adjuster makes all the difference.

Jake Allen

We live in a world where most complain but a very few take a moment to share a positive. I personally like to share my positive experience. While the insurance company was extremely long in their response, I can say AAA Public Adjusters made the process as painless as possible. Throughout the process, open communication and detailed explanations of everything that was happening was provided.

The biggest compliment I can give is I have never had to file an insurance claim and hopefully will not need to in the future, if I do, my first step is to call you. Thanks again for your service.

Kyle Santos

Bryan, Thank you so much for all your help. I will be giving AAA Public Adjusters out to everyone who needs it. Thanks again!

Mary and James Coleman

AAA Public Adjuster Testimonials