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What is a Public Adjuster? It is short for “public insurance adjuster.”

A Public Adjuster is a licensed expert on loss adjustments whom policyholders should retain to assist in preparing, filing, and settling an insurance claim. Through our network of public adjusters across the United States, AAA Public Adjusters is able to leverage its corporate resources to better serve the insured’s property loss needs in an ethical, expeditious, and reliable manner.


The typical insurance policy contains hundreds of provisions and stipulations – various forms and riders that are constantly changing. Most people do not know or understand these policy provisions – and most do not realize that the burden of proof is on them, the policyholder. We have a team of insurance and property experts, including attorneys, who will handle your insurance claim in an expeditious and professional manner. Most insurance company representatives actually prefer to work with an experienced public insurance adjuster rather than an inexperienced insured.

We are the experts to turn to when insurance claims arise. We are concerned only with your interests. Because of our broad experience and specialized knowledge, we can prepare your claim so that you can recover fully. It is up to you to prove your loss. You may have many questions as to how the policy provisions applies to your claim. We are here to help answer all of your questions.

If you have started your claim on your own and believe you have already received the best settlement from your insurance company. Still call AAA Public Adjusters today, we will most likely be able to increase that settlement !

Why should I hire AAA Public Adjusters?
Insurance companies offer to pay what is due to you based on their interpretation of the contract provisions and, if coverage is extended, their own adjusters’ property damage assessment. Employed by the insurance companies, these insurance company employees often will seek to “delay, deny, defend” valid claims or minimize coverage. AAA Public Adjusters are your professional claims representatives with over 25 years experience. We expeditiously prepare your claim and are solely dedicated to representing insured homeowners and businesses in preparing and negotiating the settlement of property damage claims. With our experience and knowledge, we are better able to obtain a more favorable adjustment for you, the insured. See our Testimonials Page for the countless success stories!

How are we compensated?
We are compensated by a small percentage of the claim, which is offset by the higher settlement we are able to obtain for you.

Can I prepare my own claim?
Sure, but it stands to reason that a public insurance adjuster who has years of experience and training can do so with more competence than the policyholder. More specifically, a AAA Public Adjuster will assist you in the preparation of inventory estimates, building estimates and other factual proofs of loss. He or she will handle all the necessary details for compiling and filing claims, as required by the terms of your insurance policy. Your AAA Public Adjuster will also confer, on your behalf, with insurance company representatives and handle all matters essential to a proper and satisfactory adjustment.

In the event of a property loss, what steps should I take?
Promptly report the loss to AAA Public Adjusters.
In Pennsylvania, we can be reached at 215-364-4200.
In New Jersey, we can be reached at 609-978-1200.
Nationwide, we can be reached at 1.800.410.5054.