3 Causes of Winter Property Damage


Are you prepared for the wintry conditions ahead? Even if you are, there’s always a slight chance that something unexpected might occur. If you experience property damage due to any of the reasons mentioned below, make sure you contact a certified public adjuster so they can help you file your insurance claim as accurately and timely as possible.

  1. Heavy snow.

    Often, after a serious snowstorm, the sun will peek through the clouds to increase the temperature and speed up the melting process. Wet, melting snow is always a lot heavier–which is something that you might have already realized while shoveling snow it off your driveway. That said, a lot of homeowners usually experience problems with their roof when there’s such a drastic change in temperature.

Even if you had your roof inspected and you completed a few repairs or replacements before winter arrived, you can just never expect what Mother Nature might throw your way. When heavy pools of snow form on your roof, damaged or missing shingles could give way to leaks. Or the rafters could begin to collapse if they’re not structurally sound enough to support the weight.

  1. Strong winds.

    Winter storm warnings are issued when winds are less than 35 mph; but, if the storm consists of winds that exceed this speed, it becomes a blizzard warning. No matter what you might do to prepare for wintry conditions, strong winds can still rip through your area and cause devastating damages.

Maybe there’s a section of your siding that isn’t properly secured. Or perhaps your roof is in decent shape but it’s beginning to degrade as it reaches the end of its life expectancy. Or there are a bunch of loose objects scattered throughout your property. In any case, strong winds can turn a minor issue into a huge loss. Even if you did everything you could do to protect your home and family from severe weather conditions, some things are simply unavoidable.

  1. Fire.

    Winter home fires are responsible for an average of $2,091,000,000 in property loss each year. Although cooking is the leading cause, holiday lights and all sorts of home heating methods also increase the possibility of a fire occurring at your home.

Although you might take precautionary measures when it comes to protecting your family and your home from a fire, you just can’t keep your eye on everything–from your wood burning stoves and space heaters to your Christmas tree and stove. With so many electrical, cooking and heating components at work, accidents can happen in a blink of an eye.

Do your best to prepare your home for severe weather conditions this winter! And don’t forget to plan your next course of action if/when something unexpected were to occur.

Have you recently experienced property damage? Contact AAA Public Adjusters today to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve!