How to Minimize the Risk of Freezing Pipes

Posted on December 3 2021

How to Minimize the Risk of Freezing Pipes

Prepare your residential and commercial properties for the freezing conditions that are coming soon

Many winter storms are accompanied by dangerously low temperatures and sometimes by strong winds, icing, sleet and freezing rain. Be sure to use your water faucets, showers, and toilets frequently & at luke-warm temperatures in order to minimize the risk of pipes freezing over.

If a pipe is accustomed to having water flowing through it—and it bursts, the pipe is still being fed water and it has to go somewhere.  Water sprouting from a burst pipe will freeze in the surrounding areas, causing all sorts of damage.  The water can also damage wood and other building materials and lead to mildew, mold and more as the winter fades into spring.

So Your Pipe Burst!  Now What?

Our first and greatest piece of advice: Bring your broken water pipe claims to AAA Public Adjusters first!

Many insurance companies believe that the burden of costs related to burst water pipes belongs to the policyholder, and that they are not liable for it.  However, this is rarely true.

Builders need to be mindful of pipe placement and insulation.  If a pipe is improperly insulated and ends up bursting, the responsibility for the cost of that damage falls on the builder and the insurance company.  A skilled public claims adjuster will root out these discrepancies and make sure that victims of burst pipes get the compensation they need to get dry again.

So, come to AAA Public Adjusters first before you submit any claim to your insurance company.   We always work with your best interests in mind, which is why we provide rapid complimentary consultation and 24-hour emergency services.

Remember that employees and agents of insurance companies are trained to “delay, deny and defend” their respective organizations.  Policyholders nationwide need someone to defend them; choose AAA Public Adjusters.