Public Adjusters and How They Can Help You

Public adjusters are professionals who help individuals and businesses navigate the complex process of filing and settling insurance claims. They are licensed by the state and are typically hired by policyholders to represent their interests in the claims process.    What is a Public Adjuster?

When a policyholder experiences a loss, such as damage to their property from a natural disaster or fire, they may be overwhelmed by the process of dealing with their insurance company. Public adjusters can help by evaluating the policyholder’s insurance policy, assessing the damage, and working with the insurance company to negotiate a fair settlement. They can also provide expert guidance and advice on how to document the damage and what steps to take to ensure that the claim is processed efficiently.

In addition to handling the claims process, public adjusters can also provide valuable advice and assistance to policyholders throughout the recovery process. This may include helping the policyholder find temporary housing, arranging for emergency repairs, and providing guidance on the steps they need to take to restore their property to its pre-loss condition.

One of the main benefits of hiring a public adjuster is that they are independent of the insurance company and are solely focused on representing the policyholder’s interests. This can be especially valuable when the policyholder is dealing with a large or complex claim that requires a detailed understanding of the policy and the claims process. Public adjusters can also provide valuable assistance in cases where the insurance company is disputing the claim or offering a low settlement.

It is important to note that public adjusters are not employed by insurance companies, but rather work independently to represent the policyholder in the claims process. As such, policyholders should research and carefully evaluate any public adjuster they are considering hiring to ensure that they are qualified and have a good track record of successful claims settlements.

Overall, public adjusters can be a valuable resource for policyholders who have experienced significant property damage and need help navigating the claims process. By hiring a public adjuster, policyholders can ensure that their interests are represented and that they receive the maximum settlement for their claim.

AAA Public Adjusters are insurance claim professionals who strictly represent the insured in negotiating a property damage claim. We have the knowledge and expertise in appraising and evaluating property damage, whether it is building, personal, business interruption or additional living expenses. We are paid a small contingent fee based on the total settlement of the loss.

Our professional claim services make it possible for the insureds to focus on what matters most to them. AAA Public Adjusters has always fought to help our clients recover the benefits from their insurance claims – by ensuring their claims are handled appropriately, diligently, and fairly by the insurance companies.

Our highly trained, licensed public adjusters will guide you through the process of preparing and filing an insurance claim in a professional manner. Similar to hiring an attorney if you needed to go to court, or hire a certified public accountant to file your tax return, you should only file an insurance claim with your own professional insurance and construction expert – a AAA Public Adjuster.

Let AAA Public Adjusters get you the maximum return on your insurance claim! See how we can help.

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