Winter is Coming – If You Know Nothing, Read This

Around Pennsylvania and New Jersey, our falls and winters can be harsh. As August heads out, some serious storms can head in and turn the area upside down. Unpredictable rains and wind manifest themselves as storms and the turmoil includes flash flooding without warning, falling branches, collapsed trees, heavily damaged roads and much more. Around us, you’ll struggle to find a Pennsylvanian that hasn’t had a wrestling match between their car and an organized team of potholes.

You might know a little bit, and you might know nothing. Either way, winter is coming and we want to help save you from the damages of the season. Here are some ways to protect yourself this coming fall and winter so you can rest easy. Problems can come out of nowhere and drastically change your lifestyle, so it’s important to regularly maintain your property as if it were your own body.

Loose foliage outside? Clip it. Make sure you don’t let your trees and bushes get out of control towards the end of the summer where plant growth can be the most intense. In the fall, wind and storms can whip up and turn your trees into a liability. Loose branches aren’t just a threat to your property; they put people and property around them at risk as well.

In the winter, ice and snow can build up on weak or excess branches and cause them to break and fall. Falling branches can severely damage anything below them, especially with the added weight of the snow and ice. It’s important to trim your trees before they become a problem; it’s much cheaper, trust us.

Seal ALL the Air Leaks. Over time, siding, insulation and foundations get slight cracks. They warp and peel, slowly aging along with the rest of the property. Over time, these areas lose their insulation and become exposed to the outside air and moisture.

So why does that matter? Aside from the fact that your air conditioner and heating system will be working overtime to make up for the outside air leaking in? Well, small issues slowly become big problems. A small crack that forms over the summer or fall will become bigger as water enters it, freezes and then expands. As cracks get bigger, the damage to the structural integrity of the property gets worse. One great place to start with protecting your home from air and water leaks is to clean your gutters well. As gutters get wet in the winter and freeze, the water can spill over and eventually affect the cracks and crevasses around the gutters. You can prevent this by having your gutters cleaned at the end of the fall. If you have a particularly rough winter, you can get your gutters checked during the season as well; it pays off.

These are just a few tips. Are you having trouble with your repairs this summer? Not getting the performance from your insurance policy you’re paying for? Contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1.800.410.5054 and talk to one of our experienced independent public adjusters in Philadelphia, PA, or NJ.