What Are the Best Water Damage Claim Filing Tips?

Water damage claims can mess up your home and personal finances. Following these simple instructions will ensure that your home is restored properly and that you will be paid the money you are owed.


The first and most important step is to notify your insurance company immediately following a water based disaster. The longer the water sits in your home, the harder the loss will be to prove. It is up to the insured to file the claim immediately and mitigate all water damage.

In all homeowners’ policies the insured is required to give prompt notice to the insurance company. If the claim is not filed in a timely manner, the insurance company may not pay the full value of the claim (or even worse, the claim may be denied).

Remember, every insurance company has a 24-hour claim line to report losses

Secure the Property and Prevent Additional Damage

As previously stated, it is up to the insured to make sure that the water damage doesn’t become worse. Some simple tips are listed below:

A). Removing any standing water in the area

B). Drying the affected area with fans and dehumidifiers

C). Removing property and damaged contents from the water damaged area

D). Remove and dry standing water

After completing tasks categorize items as salvable and unsalvageable and do not throw away any items until the claims adjuster inspects them.

Take Photographs and Inventory

Following the damage take pictures of everything damaged in the home. Take photos of damaged areas, contents, and the plumber’s invoice. Keep records of all conversations with the insurance company and demonstrate all evidence of the claim properly.

Hire a Public Adjuster

Hiring a public adjuster will make all the difference when filing a claim. They will ensure that you receive the settlement you deserve and that the maximum amount is paid as per policy provisions.  A public adjuster files a claim on behalf of the homeowner and all communication will go through the public adjusting firm first. A public adjuster will contact you promptly for a free consultation the day of your water incident. Public adjusters only work on contingency fees and cannot be paid hourly for their work. Usually, the fee is anywhere from 15%-30% depending on the size and circumstance of the loss.

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