The Facts about Closed or Rejected Insurance Claims

If you’ve filed an insurance claim, and it didn’t go quite the way you had imagined, you’re probably feeling frustrated. We get that. But, you might as well just forget about it now, because all is said and done, and the claim is rejected or closed, so there’s nothing you can do now, right?


In most states, as much as the insurance companies don’t want you to know this, it is legal to reopen a rejected or closed insurance claim, giving you another chance to try and receive the money you know you’re entitled to.

As the premier independent adjuster for the Philadelphia area, we recommend utilizing our services if you want to reopen a claim, so you can be sure all the right measures are taken this time around. We also feel as though it is our duty to lay out some of the facts about reopening a claim, since the process can be confusing and misleading:

– Reopening a claim is legal, and we advise doing so under the right circumstances.
– It doesn’t matter if you already received payment for the initial settlement. If you think you’re entitled to more, you can pursue a new claim with the insurance company.
– It is recommended that you keep repair cost documentation neatly organized, so you can maximize the amount you receive back, and have solid proof of the cost of damages.

All in all, it is feasible to reopen a claim if you haven’t been compensated enough, or further damages have been discovered later after repairs have begun. Your best bet now is to hire a public adjuster to help file your new claim, and If you use our services we’ll:

– Give you a free preliminary consultation and offer our expertise regarding what actions you should take next.
– Assign you with a highly knowledge public adjuster who will act as your trusty guide throughout the process.
– Work tirelessly to try and get you every penny that you’re entitled to.
– Help you keep organized, and spot any holes that you may have missed regarding filing your claim.

When something goes wrong with your home, the last thing you need to deal with are extra burdens, and your insurance claim can be a big one. As a leading insurance adjuster for Greater Philadelphia, we want to take some of the weight off of your shoulders, make sure your insurance process goes smoothly, and help you get back to the way things were before you had to make an insurance claim.