Storm Safety

Regarding storm safety, it is always important to have safety plans in a home that address any type of disaster that could occur. The most common type of occurrence that homeowners would have to deal with is severe storms or even tornadoes. The National Weather Service asserts that the best place to shelter from tornadoes or high winds is in a basement. However, not all homes have basements.


The basement is the best place for shelter in most instances. Homeowners with basements should make sure that their shelter spot is not under any heavy furniture or appliances on the floor above. Additionally, the shelter spot should be away from any doors or windows leading to the exterior. If a home has a storm cellar, that should be the spot used for shelter.

Interior Rooms:

For homes that do not have basements or storm cellars, there are various areas of the home that are above ground that are adequate for shelter. These areas should be small rooms close to the ground and away from any exterior windows, doors, or walls. Some options include bathrooms, closets, hallways, and spaces underneath stairs. Again, it should be noted that any spots used for shelter should not be under any heavy furniture or appliances.

Other options:

Specialty built; reinforced safe rooms are also an option for shelter.

If a person lives in an apartment building and is on a higher level, the person should contact their landlord to see about any reinforced shelter on the property or if the laundry room could be used as a shelter area.

If a person lives in a mobile home, they should find a designated safe spot outside of the home as no mobile home would keep a person safe from tornadoes or severe winds.

No matter where a person lives, they should always have a storm safety plan and look a for any possible shelter areas in case of severe winds and tornadoes. Homeowners should also keep in mind that wind damage is a covered loss.

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