North Carolina Public Adjuster: Currently Assisting Homeowner’s Affected by Hurricane Florence

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What is a Public Adjuster ?

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We Are Currently Assisting Homeowner’s Affected by Hurricane Florence.

AAA Public Adjusters is the premier public adjusting firm in North Carolina.  Our public adjusters handle every aspect of your claim including: filing, estimating, and scoping your loss.

Hiring a public adjuster can save you, your family, or your business the hassle of fighting the insurance company for the maximum settlement.

Most insureds aren’t aware that it is their responsibility to present the claim and demonstrate the burden of proof. This gives your insurance company an advantage in the claims process. AAA Public Adjusters have been defending insureds against their insurance companies for over 25 years and can properly present the claim to your insurance company.

AAA Public Adjusters can handle claims throughout North Carolina, including the following areas:

Raleigh Public Adjuster NC Services

Charlotte Public Adjuster NC Services

Wilmington Public Adjuster NC Services

Durham Public Adjuster NC Services

Dallas Public Adjuster NC Services

Emerald Isle Public Adjuster NC Services

Jacksonville Public Adjuster NC Services

Greenville Public Adjuster NC Services

Rocky Mount Public Adjuster NC Services

AAA Public Adjusters in North Carolina can handle the following types of damage:

Fire Damage

Water Damage

Storm Damage


Smoke Damage


Sewage loss

and many more.

Hiring an ethical public adjuster can make the difference between having the claim proceed smoothly or having the claim take months to complete. A North Carolina public adjuster fights for maximum settlements to ensure the homeowner has enough funds to complete their repairs.

Insurance Claim Settlement Services

North Carolina Public Adjusters will address any issues you face as a home or business owner. Your North Carolina public adjuster will work to accurately scope your loss and present the best possible case to your insurance company.  Public adjusters are paid on a contingent fee and fight hard for maximum settlements. If the property owner isn’t paid, the public adjuster won’t get paid.

Pending Insurance Claim

If an insurance loss has occurred within the last year, it may still be a good time to consult a public adjuster. Whether it is a personal property or commercial claim, a North Carolina public adjuster will inspect the claim for free. Then they will decide the best course of action after your free consultation.

Many times, the property owner does not understand the full extent of the damage, which leads to insufficient insurance claims. The North Carolina public adjuster will scope the damage properly and accurately determine the full extent and value of the claim.

New Insurance Claim

Have you hesitated to file a claim because of the complexity of the claims process? Give AAA Public Adjusters in North Carolina a call! We’ll inspect your property and decide if the claim is worth filing. We’ll even help you navigate the intricacies of your insurance policy.

AAA Public Adjusters in North Carolina will even refer out a mitigation company to assist with your loss. The mitigation company will remove any damaged areas from your property. This service comes at no extra cost and part of your insurance settlement will be designated for this portion of the loss.

AAA Public Adjusters in North Carolina will prevent the property owner from making several common mistakes such as:

Misunderstanding the cause of loss

Improperly documenting the loss

Misunderstanding the terms and conditions of the insurance documentation

Our North Carolina public adjusters can properly guide you through every portion of your claim to ensure you get coverage and the maximum settlement you deserve.

What’s left out of my Claim?

Insurance company adjusters work to minimize the loss and will oftentimes leave out several key components of the claim.  The following are a few items that your insurance company adjuster may remove from your estimate:

Content Manipulation: Insurance company adjusters will usually neglect to pay for content manipulation. They do not allow for funds for movers to remove and reset your contents.

Overhead and Profit: Overhead and profit is also typically withheld from your final payment. Insureds need to have this included in their estimate when a general contractor decides to do the repairs.

Paint: Insurance company adjusters will usually only allow for one coat of paint on your surface areas. Surface areas must be primed and painted with two coats.

Emergency Service: Insureds are usually not educated about mitigation services. It is the insured’s responsibility to remediate any damage in the home. If there is a loss, the property owner must remove the affected areas to ensure that the loss does not become larger. Insurance companies typically won’t educate their clients about restoration companies and won’t include funds for the remediation company.

Service Charges:  Your estimate may not have funds for travel time, set up, permit fees, or lead paint testing. These funds are essential to having your repairs completed properly.

Square Footage: The company adjuster will attempt to minimize the loss by paying for inaccurate square footage. For instance, your estimate may reflect lower square footage for your flooring or carpet. A public adjuster will accurately measure the dimensions of your home and will create a scope of loss that includes the proper square footage of your property.

These are just some examples why it is best to hire an adjuster that works for your interests. AAA Public Adjusters in North Carolina works on your behalf to get the estimate of loss that accurately includes every item in your claim.

Rejected Insurance Claim

Sometimes insurance claims get cancelled for the wrong reasons.  AAA Public Adjusters will evaluate your loss for free and decide whether your claim has been wrongfully denied. With over twenty years’ experience AAA Public Adjusters can help you turn your denial into funds you can use for repairs.

AAA Public Adjusters in North Carolina has turned numerous denials into adequate coverage. Let us be your representative and fight for the settlement you deserve.

Our North Carolina public adjusters can analyze your policy and demonstrate to your insurance company why your claim warrants coverage.  If you are a property owner who feels they were denied coverage, call us today for a free consultation.

Don’t settle for less, contact AAA Public Adjusters for a free consultation.  AAA Public Adjusters is the most reliable public adjusting firm in North Carolina.   AAA Public Adjusters, maximizing your claim!