Avoid an Insurance Claim This Winter – Here’s How

Winter and fall can be extremely fun times—Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, just to name a few. There’s also football and other winter activities that so many of us enjoy. Don’t spoil it by being unprepared and having to deal with a costly insurance claim this winter. So many people march directly into wintertime without ample preparation and throw a wrench into the entire season. If you’re battling a claim, our public adjusters around NJ and PA are here to help you; however, we don’t want it to get to that point if you can help it—here are a few more tips to help you get ready for this winter.

Check your Heater Now! Not During the Winter! Some heaters really don’t take much to go south and stop working—you really should check it. A lot of things can happen to a heating system throughout the summer, including critters, debris and other things that obstruct the system. You want to give it a healthy run just to test it out—don’t worry if you smell dust at first—sometimes dust congregates on the coils and, as it burns off, you will smell it—no cause for alarm there.

Don’t Have a Spill This Winter—Be Ready. Accidents do happen, and we help people recover from them. However, you can be as prepared as possible. Non-slip mats for businesses are a near must, especially near stairs and tile flooring during wet weather. At home, you should be investing in some good boots to walk in icy weather, and in ice melt to de-ice your property. You are not only protecting yourself, but also your best interests—if someone slipped on ice on your property, you could be liable, and nobody wants that.

Weather-Proof Your House As Much As You Can. Weatherproofing your home isn’t limited to the inside. You should check your insulation and make sure any cracks and holes in your siding are closed up—cold air and water have ways of finding their ways into these areas during the season. Make sure your trees are pruned, or a heavy, ice-covered branch might crash into your property. And, don’t forget this one integral part of it:

Pipes—Definitely Check Every Pipe. Burst pipes cause so many problems during the winter it’s mind-boggling. Find the pipes that are exposed to outside air and seal them well. Use good insulator and have a contingency plan if you notice any freezing in the pipes. Nip this problem before it becomes a huge issue, and it’ll pay off in the end.

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