4 Ways You Could Be Denied Insurance Coverage


Insurance companies often have a reputation for discovering ways to avoid compensating policyholders after property damages occur. A lot of policies are actually written with a number of exclusions, contingencies and clauses that help insurers slip out of their obligations to pay a claim. Here are aa few reasons why your insurance company might hold out on distributing payments, and advice on how to prevent this from happening:

  1. Changes to Your Property

Whenever you add anything to your property, make sure you let your insurance company know about it! Regardless of whether it’s a pool, pond, trampoline, treehouse, deck, balcony or playset for children, it might lead to changes in your homeowner insurance policy. Some people don’t tell their insurance company about certain changes to their property, because they’re scared their insurance premiums will increase. But if you don’t report recent additions to your property, your insurance company might have enough reason to deny your claim.

  1. Failure to Address Previously Existing Issues

Although insurance policies are designed to protect you against serious losses, they won’t protect you against your inability to perform regular maintenance throughout your property. For instance, let’s say you recently installed a wooden fence in your backyard. However, a few months ago, your son ran into it while playing football with his friends, damaging an entire panel and causing it to lean badly. If a storm were to pass through and bad winds were to knock the fence over completely, your insurance company wouldn’t be able to protect you against the damages. Even if the fence would have been blown over anyway, you failed to repair a significant damage to the structure.

  1. Loopholes

Far too often, homeowners sign a policy with only their wallets in mind. Before going along with one, make sure you understand exactly what you are and what you are not protected against. Some issues, such as those relating to the weather, might not be included in your coverage. Eliminate the possibility of being blindsided by thoroughly examining the entire document. Before putting that pen to paper, you might even want to discuss the proposed coverage with a public adjuster in Bucks County, PA and surrounding areas.

  1. Lack of Insurance Knowledge

If you’re not familiar with the claim filing process and the insurance world as whole, you might run the risk of making amateur mistakes. Failing to correctly fill out the paperwork and provide the right documents to your insurance company, might lead to them denying your claim. Similar to how you ask your accountant to do your taxes or your plumber to fix your pipes, you should turn to a public adjuster near Philadelphia to handle your insurance claims. They have the industry experience and necessary knowledge you need to receive the compensation you deserve! Don’t let a lack of understanding hold you back from receiving the coverage you’re entitled to!