4 Ways to Protect Yourself Before a Property Loss

From fire damages and busted pipes to vandalism and blown off shingles & siding—property losses are unpredictable and often take place without warning. As long as you have property insurance, though, everything should be just fine when damages occur, right? Wrong. Many home and business owners fail to recognize the possibility that their insurance company might not completely honor exactly what’s written in their policy. Consider the five tips listed below, which will effectively assist you in obtaining the entitlements you deserve following a loss:

  1. Create an Inventory List


Save yourself the stress and aggravation that’s associated with trying to remember all of the possessions and personal property previously existing inside of your home or business prior to a particular property damage situation taking place. Many of us throw away our receipts after a purchase, but if you begin to hang on to documents proving your purchases, there will be no question regarding the cost and previous condition of a specific piece of furniture, appliance or electronic, for example. Maybe you’ve already endured a loss in the recent past and have had work done on your home to renovate certain areas. If so, you’ll need to prove to your agent that repairs have already been completed, so that they don’t insist on not paying for the same damages twice. Rather than scrambling to organize a detailed list regarding the contents inside of your home after you experience a loss, be proactive and create one before anything unfortunate occurs.

  1. Snap Photos

By taking more photos than you’d ever expect yourself to need–of the both the interior and exterior of your home–you’ll have plenty of resources to present to your insurance company after you experience a property loss. When it comes down to dealing with your insurance company, it’s important to be thorough and have detailed information proving the condition of your home or business before and after wind damage, smoke damage or plumbing leaks taking place, for instance. Never underestimate the power of having visual and indisputable evidence relating to the impact of an unfortunate event. If providing before and after photos isn’t enough to prove to your insurance company that you deserve a compensation for your loss, it’s time to turn to a fightin’ Philly public adjuster. When you have an expert by your side, they’ll protect you like a big brother and make sure that nobody pushes you around.

  1. Understand Your Policy


If you haven’t picked it up yet—being thorough is the most effective way to handle a property loss situation with your insurance company. When property damages occur and you go running to your insurance company, they might throw all of their confusing insurance jargon your way to try and make you feel inferior. Make certain that you have read over your insurance policy and understand exactly which damages you’re protected against. Have the ability to accurately articulate what has taken place to your property, and the reasons why your coverage safeguards you from having to suffer from particular damages. Whenever you display confidence and insurance industry knowledge, policy experts won’t feel so savvy…If you need an expert to provide you with a detailed interpretation of your technically-written policy documents, ask a claims adjuster in Philly for dependable support. They’ll filter all of those difficult-to-read policy docs through their trained and educated perspective of the insurance world, and relate the information to you in layman’s terms.

  1. Learn About the Services Available from Public Adjusters


Be proactive and learn about the all-encompassing support offered by public adjusters near Philadelphia. From rejected and re-opened insurance claims, to those that are pending and new—these experts will assist you throughout the entire process following a property damage occurrence. Their impeccable insurance industry knowledge and relentless attitude will be leveraged to ensure that you receive the entitlements that are written in your insurance policy. From when damages initially take place to when you receive your payment, public adjusters will make certain that you can focus on everyday life while they fight for what’s right. By looking into the public adjusters in your local area and the services they provide, you’ll know who to turn to if and when a loss occurs to your property. You wouldn’t want someone that’s not a doctor diagnosing your illness-related symptoms, for instance, would you? No. So why would you try to assess a property loss situation yourself without a professional?

Now that’s good stuff! By creating an inventory list of the contents currently existing inside of your home, snapping photos, fully understanding your policy, and learning about the services available from public adjusters, you’ll be effectively prepared for whatever life may toss your way. Planning ahead always helps to eliminate stress and aggravation, so don’t wait before it’s too late to collect evidence and learn more about your entitlements before something unfortunate occurs. Be organized, informed, prepared and thorough, and nothing will stand in your way when it’s time to receive a compensation for your property’s damages.