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Preventing Blown off Shingles

        It’s the time of year again when the temperatures are high and there are frequent thunderstorms. High winds cannot only affect siding on a house but can also affect the shingles on a roof. But there are ways to help prevent shingles from coming off a roof.   Some things that […]

shingles blowing off

Why do buildings collapse?

        Buildings collapse for many reasons but generally people can tell the cause based on the shape of the structure once it has settled.  A prime reason for collapse of a building is loss of stability. This occurs when a specific force or combination of forces impact the shape and integrity of […]

Tips on Keeping Your Home Safe this Spring

Now that spring is finally here, a lot of us are beginning to plan some long-overdue home improvement projects. Our NJ public adjusters would like to explain some of the tasks that will help you avoid having to file an insurance claim this year. Here are few spring cleaning suggestions to keep in mind: 1. […]

Recovering from Winter Property Damage

Although spring will be arriving shortly, wintry conditions continue to pass through Southeast Pennsylvania. That said, it’s likely that the cold weather, heavy winds and various forms of precipitation have already caused significant property damage for many property owners throughout the region. If you’re a home or business owner who has experienced any type of […]

4 Tips to Prevent Property Damage this Winter

There’s no doubt that the winter comes along with plenty of risks in regards to property damage. To help you prevent possible losses, we’ve listed four things to keep in mind this winter. If, for any reason, you experience one of the types of property damage mentioned below, make sure you contact a public adjuster […]

3 Causes of Winter Property Damage

Are you prepared for the wintry conditions ahead? Even if you are, there’s always a slight chance that something unexpected might occur. If you experience property damage due to any of the reasons mentioned below, make sure you contact a public adjuster in Bensalem or any of its surrounding areas, so they can help you […]

Preventing Property Damage this Winter

Before long, frigid temperatures, high winds, snow, sleet and ice will all arrive to Northeast region of the country; so now is the time to ensure your home is prepared for intense wintry conditions. Without doing so, you’ll run the risk of having to deal with serious property damage throughout the colder months ahead. Considering […]

4 Ways You Could Be Denied Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies often have a reputation for discovering ways to avoid compensating policyholders after property damages occur. A lot of policies are actually written with a number of exclusions, contingencies and clauses that help insurers slip out of their obligations to pay a claim. Here are aa few reasons why your insurance company might hold […]

Public Adjusters Will Have Your Back

If you’ve recently experienced serious property damages and haven’t filed an insurance claim yet, or if you’re dealing with issues regarding one that is pending, reopened or rejected, you can turn to AAA Public Adjusters, the best insurance adjusters in Philadelphia. Count on them to be your lead blocker as you carry the ball into […]