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What Does Appraisal Actually Mean

  The Insurance Code in every state requires that the appraisal condition be contained in every homeowner or business policy. It is critical for the insured to understand the appraisal process, so they can utilize the process if their insurance company underpays them. Below is an excerpt from a homeowner’s policy that outlines appraisal: Appraisal. If […]

Insurance Claim Tips When a Tree Hits Your Property

  Over the last several weeks’ nor’easters left quite a mess in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Thousands of residents in Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Chester, Camden, Burlington and Atlantic counties went without electricity and impassable roads for days, some over a week. Damaged vehicles, businesses, and homes are adding stress to many of these residents.   […]

Ask the right Questions before Hiring a Public Adjuster

Hiring a public adjuster is advantageous, especially since your insurance company will try to minimize any loss you choose to file. Public adjusters are your best defense against your insurance company, but the insured should know about the process before they choose to hire a public adjuster. A public adjuster’s job is to review your […]

Winter is Coming – If You Know Nothing, Read This

Around Pennsylvania and New Jersey, our falls and winters can be harsh. As August heads out, some serious storms can head in and turn the area upside down. Unpredictable rains and wind manifest themselves as storms and the turmoil includes flash flooding without warning, falling branches, collapsed trees, heavily damaged roads and much more. Around […]

Facts, Tips and Tricks for Wind and Rain Damage and Dangers

You might not know some of the things we’re about to tell you in this blog, and you may have heard some of them already. Either way, property owners in America are most likely to experience high winds and severe rain storms over any other natural threat. Wind and rain are very general terms, but […]

Some Ways Water Damage Can Impact Your Life

There are many reasons that someone can end up fighting with a claims adjuster from their insurance company. In fact, one of the most potentially serious and widely contested claims is that of water damage claims. Water damage does more than just damage property—it causes growth of harmful microorganisms like mold and mildew, and in […]